Industrial Nitrogen

We now offer industrial liquid nitogen.  That means we now service labs and ranchers for breeder tanks.

Save Money

We only charge flat rate, that means no more fuel surcharges, delivery fees, hazmat fees, etc.

Medical Nitrogen, NF

Only the highest purity nitrogen goes to family practice clinics and dermatologists.

Above Standard. Below Zero.

More than just a tagline, because we are different. Unlike everyone else, we are route based.  What does that mean? That means that we come on predetermined routes to refill your dewar.  No more calling when you get low and wondering when we will be out to fill and if you will have enough for your next patient.  We are like clockwork and we always guarantee you have enough for your next patient.     Oh yeah, did we mention no fees?  In a world where everyone is nickle and diming, we don’t.  No Fees, period.

A few things we’re great at

We do one thing….. deliver liquid nitrogen. Since we’ve been doing it for over 50 years, we think we are pretty good at it.  We’ve never lost a customer over bad service or pricing, period.  If you only do one thing, you better be damn good at it.

Save money

Since we offer no fees, we are cheaper than everyone else.  Since we are a small company we beat anyone’s price.

Contact is painless

Do you dread hearing the automated systems? Us too!  We have one contact number that you can text or call.  Simplicity at its finest.

Same delivery driver

Having different delivery drivers show up at your clinic and wondering who they are is no good, not to mention not safe.  Our delivery driver has been the same face since 2008.


Not sure if you want to bust your budget on a $800 dewar and another $750 on a Brymill Cryogun?  We offer rentals.  We rent liquid nitrogen dewars and cryoguns!

The Secret of Success : 50+ Years

With over 50 years of delivering liquid nitrogen in Oklahoma, we say  thank you to our customers!  The secret?  Offering the best prices is just half of it. We have made countless business relationships with each clinic and try to make them happy with each delivery.  They know they can count on us.  We have helped with setting up new accounts and offering our time with in-house teaching about our products.

We hate to brag, but….

We cherish our relationships with our customers, here are some you might know.


H.G. Williams started delivering liquid nitrogen all around Oklahoma in the 1960’s to ranchers looking to freeze bull semen, he grew and grew.  He slowly started adding medical accounts. Fast forward to 2012 and Cryoccessories joined forces with Cryogenic Services to combine the option to rent liquid nitrogen dewars and accessories.  In 2018, Cryoccessories and Cryogenic Services combined to create CRYO X.